N.J. Asks Your Papers, Please

N.J. Asks Your Papers, Please — What some have come to enduringly take for granted others find to be a revelation.

A discussion the other day with some friends from New Jersey unveiled to me what they must go through to renew their drivers license, namely a series of identification documents identity one which may be the old drivers license with others being birth certificates or passports.

It’s almost like one was running for president.

Just kidding.

My friends told me further that if one used a birth certificate the name must perfectly match what was one drivers license records, which could cause headaches if a woman began using her husband’s name or one stopped using a  middle initial.

Then one also had to provide proof of address such as a utility bill or property tax statement.

Contrast this with Pennsylvania where one merely takes the card PennDOT sends you to a drivers license center and one gets a new photo snapped.

New Jersey, of course, is not alone in its paranoia but as Benjamin Franklin said “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

The Garden State certainly seems ignorant about the directions as to how one catches a wild pig.


N.J. Asks Your Papers, Please

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