Is Biden Compromised?

Is Biden Compromised?

By Dr. Robert Sklaroff

The pattern of Brandon and Hunter Biden mixing their business affairs officially suggests that one potential explanation for Brandon slow-walking opposition to Putin is that he’s compromised; excessive reliance on sanctions (that some people feel could work chronically due to evidence of shoddy Chinese production of cheap tires) has yielded the destruction of Ukraine by bombs/artillery that may finally be confronted after Russians used “phosphorus bombs” (chemical weapons) and used a bomb on a packed train station (inscribed with “for the children”), motivated by the 10 Plagues of Biden the Zhlub.

Note what Putin has been saying/doing after Ukraine sank its flagship in the Black Sea:  [1]—Kremlin spokesman admitted Russia has suffered “significant losses” but insisted invasion stopped World War III; [2]—THE INEXORABLE LOGIC OF DICTATORS led to Latvia becoming his newest target for “denazification”; [3]—Russians claimed to have destroyed the base hosting “Foreign Mercenaries” with sea-launched cruise missiles; and [4]—150 FSB foreign intelligence agents and Putin’s domestic policy advisor were purged.

Is Biden Compromised?

The Ukraine invasion fiasco has released other anti-Putin forces:  [1]—Poland officially blamed Russia for the 2010 plane crash that killed its president and senior military officers; [2]—NATO was expanded de facto to include Ukraine and de jure to include Finland and Sweden; [3]—NATO shifted strategy from Ukraine must be defended to Russia must lose; [4]—Hyperlinks from Axios explained the importance of Ukraine; and [5]—Game-changing weapons flowed to Ukraine after a NATO emergency meeting.

The impact on the USA has been profound, operationally/politically:  [1]—Brandon said Putin Is committing genocide and “trying to wipe out the idea of being Ukrainian” prior to sending another $800 Million in US Weapons to Ukraine; [2]—NSA’s Sullivan said Russia attacks against Ukraine are “absolutely” war crimes; [3]—Gen. Milley admitted it “certainly is possible” that Brandon’s Afghanistan debacle influenced Putin on Ukraine; [4]—Pompeo said Brandon’s “weakness” led to Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine and that sitting at the table with Iran and/or Russia would be “incomprehensible”; [5]—Boris visited Kyiv, but Brandon didn’t, reflecting a vacuum in free world leadership; [6]—Liz Cheney said Russia is committing “genocide,” (noting Liz Cheney set a personal fundraising record as Trump vowed to unseat her); [7]– The Gateway Pundit’s Joe Hoft said, “Americans don’t want war and we don’t trust Brandon in the Ukraine”; and [8]—Key Points that Putin apologists miss illustrate why Americans know the time to arm Ukraine is now

Is Biden Compromised?

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  1. Just like Canada really needed a Stephen Harper to continue good safe policies and building Canada, he was for all of Canada. PM Harper was destroyed by the NDP/lieberal Party and their lies and hate for Canada. Strong Pres. Trump for a strong USA, a much safer world, was destroyed by this same bought out media, a really illegal criminal election using a weak silly old LOL 81Million vote man who is bought out around the world as was his very destructive hate American’s sold out Party. Right now the world is being destroyed by these take over criminals. What good laws we had are not still working or at least working way too slow to help save our countries, from these tyrants and media insurrectionists.

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