Candidates Coleman And Daniels Discussed In Lt. Gov Roundup

Candidates Coleman And Daniels Discussed In Lt. Gov Roundup

By Bob Small

And here are two more Republican candidates for lieutenant governor. The primary election is May 17. Previous stories can be found here and here and here.

Jeff Coleman has one of the most extensive websites of any of the candidates and a plethora of experience and recommendations. He has over 50 (!) recommendations from people including Matt Brouillette, Rep. Donna Oberlander, and Sam Rohrer. Rick Santorum said  “In a time of division, we need leaders like Jeff who can bring people together.”

Candidates Coleman And Daniels Discussed In Lt. Gov Roundup
Jeff Coleman

Coleman is the son of missionaries who served in the Phillipines during the 1986 overthrow of Ferdinand Marcos.

During his time in the Pennsylvania House, he helped lead the fights against gambling expansion and higher taxes. In an unusual move, after only serving two terms, he decided to retire from the State House to devote more time to his family.

In 2005, Coleman and his wife Rebecca founded Churchill Strategies to help conservative candidates and causes.  He’s a graduate of Liberty University and Rebecca is a member of the Borough Council in Lemoyne. 

He is also the author of the book “With All Due Respect, Recovering the Manners and Civility of Political Content”.

Teddy Daniels wears many hats.  He’s an America Firster, combat veteran, pro-Trumper, and a retired police officer.  He’s a recipient of the Combat Infantry Badge and the Purple Heart. In 2002, he was named Law Enforcement Officer of the Year by a Maryland American Legion post.

Candidates Coleman And Daniels Discussed In Lt. Gov Roundup
Teddy Daniels

At West Virginia University, he was a starting guard for its nationally-ranked football team.

He has been a leader in the legal marijuana market and is listed as a security advisor for Cannaspire.

In the last election, Daniels served the Trump campaign as the Northeast US Director of Vets for Trump. He has aligned himself with gubernatorial candidate Douglas Mastriano.

However, Rolling Stone Magazine has posted an article that includes accusations of domestic abuse, child support arrears, suspensions from his police job, and other offenses.   The Feb 16 article made it clear that Teddy Daniels had declined an interview request and refused to answer a series of written questions. 

There are also other articles echoing these charges,  Voters may want to review these and form their own opinions.

Candidates Coleman And Daniels Discussed In Lt. Gov Roundup

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  1. Since 2005, “representing mainly Democratic constituencies.” ????
    Saw this on Fakebook:
    31. Jeff Coleman
    Co-founder, Churchill Strategies

    Jeff Coleman
    Jeff Coleman, a former state legislator who represented mostly Democratic constituencies in Pennsylvania’s 60th district, announced in late 2021 that he would run for Pennsylvania lieutenant governor as a Republican. As a result of his decision to step down from politics in 2005, he and his spouse founded Churchill Strategies, a corporate consulting firm based in Harrisburg. His book, “With All Due Respect: Recovering the Manners and Civility of Political Combat,” was published in 2017.

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