Trump Oz And Kathy Barnette

Trump Oz And Kathy Barnette — President Trump endorsed surgeon and TV personality Dr. Mehmet Oz, Saturday, April 9, for Pennsylvania’s senate seat being vacated by Pat Toomey.

Conservatives on social media expressed ire all weekend over the President’s decision.

We described some of our problems with Oz here and here.

The President’s endorsement came a day after we endorsed Kathy Barnette.

Go figure.

Pollster supreme Rich “The People’s Pundit” Baris tweeted upon learning of the endorsement that Oz is not just favored to win the primary but the general.

Maybe that figured in The Donald’s thinking.

Still, we’re sticking with Kathy and encouraging all to vote for her. If Baris is right Oz will win anyway. If not, then Ms. Barnette can become Sen. Barnette in November.

There is one, rather ironic, point for Oz. Some are saying he will be another Mitt Romney, a backstabber who was also endorsed for senator by Trump. Romney is a two-faced, pandering, childishly emotional, ego-driven invertebrate who will happily do anything to advance himself. That Oz did not cave on keeping his dual citizenship with Turkey shows he at least has a spin and some character.

Still, vote for Kathy.

Trump Oz And Kathy Barnette

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