Turkish Senator Dr Oz

Turkish Senator Dr Oz — Mehmet Oz, the surgeon and television personality who is seeking the Republican nomination for this year’s race to represent Pennsylvania in the United States Senate, has declared he’ll give up the security clearances that are provided to all U.S. Senators to keep his dual citizenship with Turkey.

That may not disqualify him for the job under the law but it should for all thinking people.

Granted we weren’t going to vote for him anyway, but if one still hits the button for him knowing full well one’s concerns — and the concerns of America — are not his primary loyalty, one is a damn fool.

The Pennsylvania primary election is May 17. For whom should one vote?

Here’s the list.

For whom are we going to vote? The Bridgewater hedge fund guy? Sean Gale, Silent Joe’s brother?

Honestly, we don’t know. We just know that Turkey’s interests are not the same as those of Pennsylvania and we don’t want Oz to write the laws.

Turkish Senator Dr Oz
Mehmet Oz hearts the spotlight
Turkish Senator Dr Oz

One thought on “Turkish Senator Dr Oz”

  1. Yeah, Oz is a carpetbagger. I think the lesson he drew from Trump’s election is that being a TV personality is a qualification for office.

    Not a fan of Sands, either. From her ads, it seems to me that she thinks just mentioning Trump’s name makes up for a lack of strong positions.

    I’m looking at Kathy Barnette, Jeff Bartos, and David McCormick at this point.

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