Lab Leak Dismissal Damns Dr Oz

Lab Leak Dismissal Damns Dr Oz — Matt Orfalea has posted a mashup of officials and prominent media personalities definitively declaring that Covid is natural and claims that it came from a Wuhan lab is false information.

Among the pompous pundits quashing questions and hiding the truth is Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Öz — a.k.a “Dr. Oz”.

Oz is the good bud of globalist Oprah Winfrey and the man who seeks to replace Pat Toomey as U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania, this November.

Lab Leak Dismissal Damns Dr Oz
Conspiracy theories are now spoiler alerts

It is now considered likely that Covid is man-made and came from a Chinese lab.

Below is Orfalea’s mashup. You can find Oz starting at the 1:09 mark where he says “One of the biggest crisis now is the false information being circulated on social media . . . I can tell you for sure it was not manufactured in a lab”; and at the 6:41 mark where he says “It didn’t come from a lab. This was not made by man. It was too clunky.”

We are not attacking Oz for doubting. We are attacking him for making definitive claims in an attempt to silence those who now appear to be right.

Here is the video:

To exemplify how these matters should be handled, we are not going to silence those who still hold the virus came from a food market or nature, and some still do.

And before one starts bashing China note that the U.S. government funded the Wuhan research and the sainted Tony Fauci appears to be the guy behind it.

Here is a list of the other candidates for the seat being vacated by Toomey.

Lab Leak Dismissal Damns Dr Oz

2 thoughts on “Lab Leak Dismissal Damns Dr Oz”

  1. Thanks for pointing that out. Thought he was a good potential candidate.

    His definitive stance on that IS damning.

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