Miller Revealing Aument Indifference

Miller Revealing Aument Indifference — Mike Miller, the guy who is taking on the Republican wool-garbed wolf who represents the 36th District in the Pennsylvania Senate, attended Monday’s Elanco School Board meeting and then the one in Warwick School District the next night.

He says he was there to support the parents and learn about the controversies. He spoke at neither.

Miller Revealing Aument Indifference
Mike Miller with President Trump

The issues in Elanco —  Eastern Lancaster County School District — are described here. Warwick’s concern involves allegations that the school board has been derelict in its duties with regard to what books that were allowed in the curriculum as they appear to be more about indoctrinating fashionable values and less about developing the ability for independent thought.

Ryan Aument, the wolf that Miller is hunting, won election to the Senate eight years ago and has quickly worked his way into a leadership role holding the position of Caucus Secretary.

Miller, a 46-year-old investment advisor from Ephrata, is a husband of 19 years and father of three.

Miller never before sought political office. He became motivated to run when he began paying attention to Aument’s actions during the two years of Covid.

Miller notes that Aument did not represent the two-to-one Republican district in the way they should expect.

Aument backed Act 77 which gave this state the disaster of mail-in voting.

“People feel there is no accountability for that,” Miller said.

Miller notes that Aument continued to support funding for the University of Pittsburg after it was revealed that its research included grafting parts from aborted babies onto lab rats.

Miller also points out that Aument is the only Republican sponsor of SB 99, which would make diversity rather than competency or character the primary goal in hiring teachers.

Incumbent Ryan Aument

It’s not something that helps education or Lancaster County, Miller says.

Miller says he didn’t seek endorsement from the Republican Party.

“We don’t need their blessing to be a citizen,” he said.

He expects an onslaught from the party bosses in the next month.

Surprisingly, he expects to prevail. He says the there is a lot of dissatisfaction with Aument in the community, and the more people know about him the dissatisfaction has increased.

Miller says he is getting a good response as he goes door-to-door and finds voters become his enthusiastic after he explains Aument’s positions.

And Aument has been rather indifferent to his constituents.

He wasn’t in Elanco or Warwick, after all.

Miller Revealing Aument Indifference

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