Open School Advocate Clarice Schillinger Seeks Lt. Gov. Seat

Open School Advocate Clarice Schillinger Seeks Lt. Gov. Seat

By Bob Small

Returning to the Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor Race, we have two very distinct GOP female candidates, as per  Carrie Lewis DelRosso and Clarice Schillinger, both of whom are Republicans.

We will cover Carrie Lewis Delrosso in a future post.

Clarice Schillinger founded Keeping Kids in School PAC, a bipartisan grassroots group in Southeast Pennsylvania created to elect candidates to school boards who would keep the schools open, and include parents and taxpayers in their decision making.  Through her efforts 94 school board candidates got on the ballot and 98 percent of them won their elections.

Open School Advocate Clarice Schillinger Seeks  Lt. Gov. Seat
Clarice Schillinger

The school board elections was an issue we previously covered.

After the primaries, she created Back to School Pa., a statewide initiative that has given out over $600,000 to school board candidates, and provides candidate training and providing them with statewide media access.  She was featured in a March 1, 2021 article in the New York Times.   The funding, it should be added, comes from  various sources:

Dissatisfied with remote learning, some parents start to mobilize. – The …

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She is married to Mike Schillinger, a carpenter and they have three children.

She first became an activist working to clean up the now-shuttered Willow Grove Naval Air Station thought to be a source of cancer in Horsham, Warminster, and Warrington, due to chemicals leaking into the groundwater. 

It is now a superfund site.

However, she has made one serious enemy inSimon Campell, a transplanted Brit who has recorded a serious of four YouTube videos titled Bollocks.

In this episode, he declares her unfit to hold office.

The only previous female lieutenant governor in Pa was the indomitable Catherine Baker Knoll, who served from 2003-2008 under Gove Ed Rendell.  For a good overview of her life, including her favorite motorcycle helmets, see The Steel Woman of the Steel City.  

Open School Advocate Clarice Schillinger Seeks Lt. Gov. Seat

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  1. Wow! Did not know all this. Thanks for your work in uncovering and bringing light to things that need to be disclosed.

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