Activism Looms For 2022

Activism Looms For 2022

By Bob Small

2022 will be the year of the Citizen-Activist, but with a twist. They will not be tied to the right or the left or to a political party. They will encompass the whole range of beliefs.

Let us start with an underreported phonomenon in Pennsylvania.  In 2020 there were a number of write-in Candidacies, as there always are, especially for local School Boards.  However, this time there were a number of winners.  Many of these candidates have tried, in some form of vain, to have their voices heard about what their children are being taught.  They waged grassroots non-violent campaigns and now Justin Wimer, and many others will have a chance to try and influence educational policy.   

 An example from Lancaster courtesy of LancasterOnline: Lancaster judge accepts write-in misspellings in Manheim … › news › politics › lancaster-ju..

In Chester County, two community members, a scientist and a nurse, committed civil disobedience to stop construction on the Mariner East Pipeline.  In October 2021, the state Attorney General’s announced 4! criminal charges for environmental crimes against the operators albeit the \ DEP  later approved new permits!  See #HaltMarinerNow  and also Del-Chesco United for Pipeline Safety – Home | Facebook and Activists Arrested While Halting Construction on Sunoco … › headlines › activists_…

Remaining in Chester County (Willistown Township) a citizens group has formed to Save Rock Hill Farm and it’s open space.  This, like one of the cases in Swarthmore, is a scenario where developers see open space and translate it into dollar signs. 

Activism Looms For 2022

A long fight in Delaware County appears resolved when the Don Guanella property, adjacent to Cardinal O’Hara with the approval of Delaware County Council, to make it a County Park. › 2021/11/17 › delco-conti…

Lastly, Swarthmore’s Tree owners battle with PECO continues.  In this case, use DuckDuckGo for searches as Google seems to have an issue with showing this website. Info can also be found at Stop!The Tree Chop Swarthmore!,easement study, under Trust a Swarthmore Citizens group to make it as complicated as possible to locate them.

Activism Looms For 2022

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