More Alternatives For Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor

More Alternatives For Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor

By Bob Small

Returning to Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor’s race, there are two very distinct GOP female candidates, as per Carrie Lewis Delrosso and Clarice Schillinger (see previous post)

State Rep. Carrie Lewis DelRosso (R-Oakmont) defeated long-time House Minority Leader Frank Dermody, who had served as a state representative for almost three decades.  She is a self-described pro-lifer and second-amendment advocate. She also supports affordable health care, fewer regulations, and time limits for the Pennsylvania legislature, and opposes higher state taxes. 

Ms. DelRosso sees expected Democrat gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro, as “an extension of the disastrous Wolf administration, pandering to liberal interest groups and further wrecking an already wounded state economy.” She runs Carrie Lewis Delrosso LLC, a company that does business consulting, marketing, and public relations. She describes herself as “a working mother of three”.  

Meanwhile, Brian Sims, the first openly gay state representative (182nd) is running to become the first openly gay lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania. He is a civil-rights lawyer who has served as the president of the Board of Directors of Equality Pennsylvania and as chairman of Gallop (Gay and Lesbian Lawyers of Philadelphia).

As a college football player and team captain, he helped lead Bloomsberg University to the 2000 Division 2 National Championship Game. He later came out as gay to the team.

This would provide at least one person in the State House who would be affected by pending legislation on the issue of gay rights.

Russ Diamond is one of the few state-wide candidates that I have actually met, which occurred when I was advocating for the The Political Party Equality Act in the 2000s.

Diamond not only met with us but also spoke at one of our rallies.

He received a Public Service Achievement Award from Common Cause of Pennsylvania, among many awards.  He is an author, musician and private pilot.  He and his wife Beth, live in his family home in Annville., built by his great-grandparents.

Though his positions and mine don’t always align, I think he deserves respect for his experience and accomplishments.  How about an openly conservative lieutenant governor?

More Alternatives For Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor
More Alternatives For Pennsylvania Lieutenant  Governor

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  1. Russ Diamond has certainly changed a lot since you met him, I think, and not for the better. Check out his voting history first.

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