Harrisburg City Going To Welch On Debt?

Convanta, the operators of the Harrisburg city incinerator, has been told by city officials that the Harrisburg will not pay the $600,000 debt payment due in April, according to City Council member Patty Kim. Harrisburg City Going To Welch On Debt?

Pennsylvania’s capital, population 47,000, is facing $68.7 million in debt service payments in connection with the construction of a waste incinerator, according to a report by the consulting firm Management Partners. That’s $4 million more than its entire proposed operating budget.
The city and Dauphin County guaranteed much of the $288 million debt for incinerator which is owned by the Harrisburg Authority.
This would be the first such default in Pennsylvania.
The city missed $3.5 million in debt obligations last year.

It has been speculated that the city will sell parkland and museums to make the payments.

Harrisburg city is controlled by Democrats. 
Harrisburg City Going To Welch On Debt?

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