Joe Billie Explains Campaign

Joe Billie Explains Campaign

By Joe Billie

Joe Billie Explains Campaign
Veteran Joe Billie seeks nomination

I may not be the greatest public speaker. But you know neither was Thomas Jefferson. But what I do have is love of country, determination and leadership. In every role I’ve taken on in life either as Fire Chief, Fire Marshal, Anti Surface Warfare Operations Specialist or Shop Steward in my Union I made people better around me & lead by example. Having volunteered 32 years helping others has been an honor. Saving lives and just helping people in their most desperate times is challenging. Countless hours of training and drilling when I could be home. Volunteer 1st Responders as well as paid are special. Everything we do is for you the people. And that’s what I want to carry on to DC. Working for you the people. I don’t care what your party is, the job of a representative is to work for the people. I’ve spoken with thousands of Republicans, Democrats and Independents across our area and it’s the same message from them, “Step up and help our district!” Many concerns from healthcare or opioids to immigration and just preserving our basic rights as Americans.

I’ve seen the struggle against opioids in our area. I’ve assisted Police & Medics using NARCAN to reverse the effects on an overdose. Performing CPR countless times. Saving many while losing some. Performing CPR and bringing someone back is life altering. But when someone doesn’t make it it’s hard but we must get ready for the next one.

Joining the Navy I took an oath two times in October 1990 and September 2001 to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. I still live by this oath and current representatives use the Constitution as a punchline. Waiving a little book like they actually read it. As a Veteran and like many others we take offense to this. We risked our lives in defense of it while they use it as prop. I’ve done several deployments to the Persian Gulf 91-92, 93-94 with operations in Bosnia, Somalia and Haiti in 1993-94.

I’ve seen the effects of universal healthcare with my wife’s family who still live in Portugal. It’s not the way to go here. I’ve been to many countries in Europe, Israel and the UAE. We must remain a sovereign country and secure our border.

Being a firefighter and during my enlistments we think outside the box. Make decisions that effect lives in split seconds. This is the leadership we need. Make decisions and not walk the fence or listen to big money donors.

So with everything going on in our country we need to unite. Put our petty differences aside and work for the common good. We as a nation lost our way and we need more leaders to step up, work together and find the way. We are still a Country of the People, for the People and by the People. We must be united or divided we fall as the saying goes.

Thank you to Curt Weldon, the Delaware County Firemen’s Association, my local Steelworkers Union and my family for the support! Also Congressman Bishop NC-9 & Congressman Bacon NE-2 for helping. Oh more endorsements to follow!!

If you made it this far thank you for reading.

God Bless You and God Bless The United States of America

Joe Billie is seeking the Republican nomination for Pennsylvania’s 5th Congressional District. Circulation of nomination petitions starts tomorrow, Jan. 28, and ends Feb. 18. The primary election is April 28. The 5th District consists of all of Delaware County, southwest Philadelphia and southern Montgomery County. Dasha Pruett, who is also seeking the Republican nomination, is more than welcome to submit a column explaining her campaign as is Democratic incumbent Mary Gay Scanlon.

Joe Billie Explains Campaign

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  1. “Joe Billie for US Congress 2020” is EXACTLY what the 5th Congressional District NEEDS. His military dedication to the country, and his 32 years of volunteerism in the place he has resided his entire life is exquisite!

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