Joe “Way To Step In It” Sestak And Mayor Bloomberg

Joe Sestak, the Democrat’s pick to replace Arlen Specter as senator from Pennsylvania, has been dogged by claims that he harbors sympathies to radical Islamic organizations.

So to show that he is a true-blue maverick independent, the Admiral brought New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to Philadelphia, yesterday, to endorse him.

What Bloomberg ended up doing was answering a lot of questions regarding his endorsement of  the Islamic Victory Mosque at the site of the 9/11 attacks.

Way to go Joe. It’s almost like getting the CAIR executive director to write a defense of your appearance at a CAIR rally.

One thought on “Joe “Way To Step In It” Sestak And Mayor Bloomberg”

  1. My guess is that Sestak and Bloomberg are so confident of getting the Jewish vote, they can openly and arrogantly support radical Islamic organizations and their demands.
    Hopefully the Jews will wake up, open their eyes, and see what is going on.

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