Joe “XXXXXX” Sestak Said Yes To Teachers

Congressman Joe “XXXXXX” Sestak was among the 247 representatives, 245 of which were Democrats, who voted yes, Aug. 10, on the XXXXXX Act of XXXX.

Really, that’s the name of the bill for which he voted. If you really want a good laugh — or  maybe cry — H.R. 1586 terms itself:  An act to modernize the air traffic control system, improve the safety,reliability, and availability of transportation by air in the UnitedStates, provide for modernization of the air traffic control system,reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration, and for other purposes.

What it ended up doing was shovel $10 billion to the teachers unions while cutting money that had been budgeted for defense and energy research.

And, no the bill did not end up taxing the bonuses of CEOs of firms getting TARP ballots despite an attempt to do so.

And as far as I can see not much if anything went to modernizing the air traffic control system.

The Republicans voting for the bill were Michael “The Usual Suspect” Castle of Delaware and Joseph “Being From New Orleans Cuts Him A Lot Of Slack” Cao of Louisiana.

4 thoughts on “Joe “XXXXXX” Sestak Said Yes To Teachers”

  1. Right you are, as the Gorebasem uttered, “N0 CONTROLLING LEGAL AUTHORITY!” applies to the elite scum ruling class.

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