Jorge Ramos Hair Portraits

Hugo Ybarra, a 34-year-old in San Antonio, Texas, is taking advantage of the dust up between Univision anchor Jorge Ramos and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump by painting portraits of Ramos on heads. Jorge Ramos Hair Portraits

Ramos interrupted  Trump who was responding to another reporter  at an Aug. 25 press conference at which point Trump, well, deported him. Trump let him back in 15 minutes later and answered his questions in detail.

Ramos’ daughter is involved with Hillary Clinton campaign.

Anyway, Ybarra, the son of Mexicans, has a reputation for hair portraits in which he puts the images of those such as Kim Kardashian and basketball star Tim Duncan on the heads of the residents of that fair city.

And now Jorge Ramos has reached that level of esteem.

He said that Ramos is now “Algunos hacen sonar la bocina de sus autos,” Ybarra said, or someone who makes car horns sound.

If you’ve missed the Trump-Ramos battle here is The Donald ejecting Jorge:

And here is part of the discussion after he returned:

Trump really can win this thing.

Jorge Ramos Hair Portraits

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