Just One More Burden For The American Consumer

Reader Tom C submitted this link to a New York Times article dealing with why central planning doesn’t work and the lack of wisdom of those leading the modern environmental movement.

It concerns the smuggling trial of officials with Marcone, a century-old, St. Louis based firm that is the nation’s largest supplier of appliance parts. The company is accused of smuggling HCFC-22, a gas banned in the use of air-conditioners in this country in 2010 but still produced in enormous volumes and sold cheaply in China, India and Mexico.
The gas is needed to service old machines and the Obama administration has made the regulations on its importation rather burdensome.
The banning of the gas is due to fears it is destroying the ozone layer. Maybe it is wise for new air conditioners to be developed that don’t use it.
It should be noted, however, that it is rather futile with regard to saving the planet to keep the gas out of old machines here while it is still being used in large amounts in the rest of the world.
It does, though, make life harder for Americans so if that’s Obama’s intent that is achieved.
Just One More Burden For The American Consumer

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