Justice And Vince Fumo

Federal prosecutors are still doing what they can to make disgraced Dem bigwig Vince Fumo die in prison.

Fumo, who represented Pennsylvania’s infamous 1st District in the State Senate for three decades, was convicted in 2009 of 137 federal corruption charges and sentence to 4 years, 7 months in prison.

The fed prosecutors think that was too light and are demanding that the 68-year-old hack be re-sentenced to 15 years.

Frankly, this demand to inflict pointless pain strikes one as more of a desire to seek headlines than justice.

Fumo is out of power, impoverished and disgraced. Meanwhile federally oriented thieves, rapists and tax cheats like Charles Rangle, Bill Clinton and Tim Geithner are rich, free and lionized in circles of power.

Fumo deserves what he is getting but no more. For Pete’s sake, it’s not like he ever smuggled guns to Mexican drug lords or anything.

What Fumo did is  not even as bad as taking fed stimulus money to close important technological plants and move them to China.

Let’s keep some perspective on justice and real corruption, here.

One thought on “Justice And Vince Fumo”

  1. May have been an arrogant & rude son of a bitch, but he did provide better services for his constituents

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