Karen For Madeleine Dean

Karen For Madeleine Dean — House Democrats Madeleine Dean (D-Pa4) and Pramila Jayapal (D-Wa7) accused Attorney General William Barr of being sexist and hostile during his contentious Judiciary Committee testimony, July 28.

We wrote a song to comfort them in their pain. We call it Karen.

Oh Karen
I didn’t mean to make you cry
I didn’t even try
But any answer is the answer that would do

I didn’t mean to smile
But it was a little while
I was thirsty and coffee is my brew

Yes, I knew I’d have to piss
And I knew that you would miss me
I knew that you wouldn’t let me go
And when it was time to take
My needed bathroom break
You would bang your fist and loudly tell me no

Oh Karen
Trump is going to win
And you will cry again
But remember that before it is too long
It is our noble fate
To keep America great
And all your sad sad tears will soon be gone

Karen For Madeleine Dean
Karen For Madeleine Dean

2 thoughts on “Karen For Madeleine Dean”

  1. Great song, Bill!

    Dean has the balls to call out Barr about the “rule of law?” She represents Montgomery County, where no judge follows the rule of law. She does absolutely nothing about it. Dean has been contacted about how corrupt the judges in Montco are, but she will never do anything, or even try.

    All of this nonsense is just a way for her to gain national attention. In reality, she and the others who ambushed Barr mean nothing in the larger scheme of things.

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