Kasich Bores Delco

Kasich Bores Delco
John Kasich at Penn State Brandywine

Kasich Bores Delco — Ohio Governor and puzzling presidential candidate John Kasich bored a crowd of 300-plus at a campaign town hall this afternoon, April 21, in Delaware County, Pa.

The event was held at the Penn State Brandywine Campus Commons Building in Middletown Township. Among those in attendance were curious students who had no plans on voting for the GOP candidate whoever it would be.

Kasich Bores Delco
Bob Asher being introduced before he introduces Gov. Kasich.

It is impossible for Kasich to get the required number of delegates via the primary process to secure the nomination. So why is he running? Well, he was introduced by establishment epitomes Bob Asher and Andy Reilly, who chairs the Delaware County Republican Party. Maybe he figures there is way to get the prize outside the primary process.

Anyway, Kasich’s performance was boring. Mind-numbingly, painfully, excruciatingly boring. He even sadistically alluded that he was being boring on purpose. He gave long, rambling answers to audience questions. He said strange things that made no sense such as his claim that drug problems would go away if schools and churches taught that doing drugs was bad. Okay. Guess that’s never been done. He blamed the rage in the country  on talk radio and (cough, cough) talk TV.

He said things of substance as well, though. His hallmark was the danger caused by our $19.251 trillion debt and even included as part of his visuals a running debt counter, so kudos there.

He advocated war against ISIS and an expansion of global intelligence capabilities.

He endorsed devolving government services to states and said — unfortunately quite boringly — that problems were best solved locally and even individually.

He boldly said  that the 11 million illegal aliens — his estimate — now in this country should be given a path to legal residency if they have not been involved in crime. “But never citizenship,” he emphasized.

And there were times he sounded almost Trumpian.

If elected, he said that in his first hundred days he would stop all federal regulation excepting those involving health and safety, and require  all regulation be made by legislative votes rather than administrative fiat.

He said he would cut the corporate tax and the personal tax rate.

We are probably missing some things but we are only human and he was Boring. Note the capital B.

Kasich Bores Delco

7 thoughts on “Kasich Bores Delco”

  1. Just wondering, did Governor Kasich not mention that his father had been a postal worker? Don’t think I have ever heard one of his speeches where he did not mention that.

    You probably need to have taken Common Core math to “get” how Kasich can win the nomination.

      1. Thank you, I feel better now. I would be worried about things if he had not mentioned that. He would still be boring but he would not be Kasich.

    1. The man is incapable of not mentioning his father’s profession…and he did so today! Bill is right…it was boooring!

  2. Did he say anything explicit about cutting the federal budget? It’s one thing to campaign on cutting taxes, but there needs to be a corresponding cut in costs. Your report contains some details that suggest that Kasich hints at areas where he would reduce the federal budget–that he’ll suspend regulations, for example, and devolve functions back to the states and local governments, for example. I happen to agree with that particular idea, by the way, no matter who proposes it or how boring it may have sounded. But if we talk about reducing taxes, we also need to talk about reducing the costs, the obligations, in the budget.

    Trump has made the same kind of omission–talking about cutting taxes, but no details on reducing spending.

    1. If he did, I missed it.

      Actually, he said something with regard to military spending that the defense bureaucracy was greater than the actual armed forces and could obviously be cut. Also there was the implied idea that moving services to the states would lead to federal cuts.

      I also took from his talk that he felt that increasing economic activity — more or higher-paying jobs hence more or better-paid taxpayers hence higher tax revenue — would lead to deficit reduction.

      For much of his talk he rambled like Grandpa Simpson, but there were moments he made a lot of sense.

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