Kathy Barnette On War Room

Kathy Barnette On War Room — Below is a link to Kathy Barnette’s appearance yesterday, May 12, on Bannon’s War Room addressing some of the criticisms against her and doing it very well.


Trump’s last endorsement has us solid for the Turk but Kathy is very impressive.

Kathy Barnette On War Room
Kathy Barnette On War Room -- Below is a link to Kathy Barnette's appearance yesterday, May 12, on Bannon's War Room addressing some of the criticisms
Close, but still Oz

4 thoughts on “Kathy Barnette On War Room”

    1. Until about a week ago I was wholeheartedly in Kathy Barnette’s camp and touted her candidacy to many individuals. I have totally changed my mind. First of all, she apparently supports Mastriano for governor, the one person I would never vote for because of his responsibility for the mail-in ballots. The ad by Sean Gale (of whom I’m definitely not a fan)…see the youtube video in #1 below… shows her playing identity politics which I abhor! She shouldn’t have to do that. And finally, she really has made some extremely ill-advised statements in the relatively RECENT past that the Democrats will unquestionably use to destroy her in a general election. She is a great person and a true conservative but the baggage that she carries is much too heavy to enable her to win the general election. I am genuinely offended by her playing identity politics as is shown in her own words in the youtube video. I don’t believe her comments are taken out of context. I am saddened to say that I will not vote for her. I was upset that President Trump endorsed OZ but I think he’s right that Kathy wouldn’t win the general, particularly considering her imprudent public statements. I won’t vote for Oz but will probably vote for McCormick. Republicans MUST win the senate seat in November and sadly I don’t think that is possible with Kathy Barnette.

      Kathy Barnette playing identity politics:

  1. The fact that Kathy Barnette protects black men who drugged and raped a white woman, says it all for me. This is her personal stance. I don’t care what she says for the public. She is a racist against whites. Kathy actually said, during a senatorial debate, that she cannot be a racist because she is black. She can kid herself all she wants, but she’s not fooling me and I hope none of you fall for it. All she talks about is the pig farm and being black. And yes, she “clawed her way out from under a rock.” What do we find under rocks? Slugs. That is descriptive of her backbone, squishy and slimy.

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