Letter For Pat Toomey

Letter For Pat ToomeyHere is my open letter to Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa)

Dear Senator Toomey:

Your endorsement of Paul Mullen is indicative of everything that is wrong with the Republican party today.

Instead of inserting yourself into this local election (161st District Pennsylvania House seat) you should be standing firm with the few senators in the United States Senate who actually do represent real Republican values such as limited central government, low taxes and a strong national defense. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Tim Scott immediately come to mind.

We have very serious problems on the world stage and in President Barack Hussein Obama’s massive and unprecedented transformation of our great nation that you were elected to help solve. Instead you feel it prudent to involve yourself in an election that We the people, the citizens of the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania should have the right to elect our local officials without interference from the Washington beltway. Have you become that jaded and out of touch in such a short time.

I would firmly yet politely ask you to seriously and publicly reconsider your endorsement of Paul Mullen, a man who actively and personally campaigned for your opponent Joe Sestak in your last election.

You should stand with Lisa Esler against Paul Mullen, as Lisa stood with you against Joe Sestak. It is the right thing to do. Until then sir, and I say this with all respect, I cannot in good conscience cast my vote for your reelection next year.


Joseph B Dychala
161st Legislative District, Pennsylvania

Letter For Pat Toomey

6 thoughts on “Letter For Pat Toomey”

  1. Thank you again, Mr. Dychala, for putting into words what many of us are feeling right now. Senator Toomey and Congressman Pat Meehan should have taken a pass on this endorsement. Lisa Esler was a strong supporter of both these men. It is sad to see how far they have drifted from their constituents. This will not bode well for 2016. Senator Toomey, who do you think Paul Mullen will support then….you, or your Democrat opponent. Andy Reilly was willing to bet Dom Giordano a “steak dinner” on you, but Dom would only lose a dinner, Pennsylvania would lose a Senate Seat!

    1. I am in compelte agrememnt with you Marilyn.
      Joseph B. Dychala summed up the situation clearly and honestly.
      How do these thugs continue to get elected?
      I pray the Mr. Dychala will become very active in politics. We need people like him.

  2. I too am disappointed in Senator T.
    It looks like the same incompetent political advisors former Gov. Corbett used have found new employment with our Repulican? Senator.
    There are a few big issues on the horizon..Iran Agreement,defending Planned Parenthood, to name a few. Let’s see which way he votes and if he leads the charge or leads from behind…

  3. As I recall, Paul Mullen was a staunch Arlen Specter fan and supporter and when Specter switched parties was really conflicted about who to support. But I do sympathize with Pat Toomey in the sense that Philly has always been a minefield for him politically.

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