League Cancels Debate After Mullen Fails To Respond

League Cancels Debate After Mullen Fails To Respond
LIsa Esler, traditional Republican
League Cancels Debate After Mullen Fails To Respond
Leanne Krueger-Braneky, official Democrat

We have just been informed that The Delco League of Women Voters has officially cancelled their planned Forum concerning the race for the vacant 161st District Pennsylvania House seat because the Paul Mullen Campaign never returned their phone calls or emails.

Mullen, a union official who has long-supported Democrats, is the endorsed Republican.

He is facing write-in candidate Lisa Esler, a traditional Republican who is a member of the Penn Delco School Board; and Leanne Krueger-Braneky, the official Democrat.

The election is Aug. 4.

The only debate/forum for the race is being sponsored by Delco Debates and will be 2 to 4 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 2 at Swarthmore Borough Hall, 121 Park Ave.

Mrs. Esler and Ms. Krueger-Braneky have committed to attend. Mullen has not responded as of yet.  An empty chair will be set for him if he fails to show.

Kudos to Bob Small of Delco Debates for making it happen.

League Cancels Debate After Mullen Fails To Respond

7 thoughts on “League Cancels Debate After Mullen Fails To Respond”

  1. Why is the League cancelling it when two individuals have agreed to attend? That is inexcusable. (Although the League purports to be non-partisan, I have my doubts about this .)

  2. If you are not on the ballot, the League doesn’t include you Interesting that the endorsed Republican who’s on the ballot doesn’t want to attend and the write-in who’s not is participating with Leanne Krueger-Bradesky in a candidate forum. (Separate and apart from the League of Women Voters).

  3. Shame on the League for not going forward with the forum. They know damn well that Esler is running, party endorsement or not.

  4. The League is correct in limiting the debate to ballot names. Otherwise anyone could declare their candidacy and insist on showing. It could look like the Aug. 6 GOP debate on FOX.

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