Paul Mulllen Flyer Exposes Agenda

Paul Mulllen Flyer Exposes Agenda
That’s right Republicans, Paul Mullen shares your values, ROTFLMAO!

Paul Mullen, the Republican-endorsed candidate for the vacant 161st District State House seat, is sending a flyer full of promises to the non-Republican houses in the district.

In it he pledges he:

  • “Will support strong unions.” This means you union guys will continue to have your dues automatically deducted so Mullen can continue to get his $130,000 salary as business manager of IBEW Local 654, while the union continues to contribute to candidates who shut down refineries and open borders to cheap labor. It appears he is going to keep his union job as he collects his $85,356 legislative salary if he should win.
  • “Will protect pensions”. This means Gary “What Child Molestation?” Shultz will continue to collect his $330,699 pension as the pensions of police and secretaries become far more tenuous along with the home ownerships of those on the hook for covering them.
  • “Will Fight for Good, Local Work” This means he’s not going to quit his $130,000 per year job as business manager of IBEW Local 654.

The election is Aug. 4. The champion of the little guy and gal is Lisa Esler, the traditional Republican who is running a write-in campaign. If you want to save your home and public pension vote for her on Election Day.

Paul Mulllen Flyer Exposes Agenda

3 thoughts on “Paul Mulllen Flyer Exposes Agenda”

  1. Guess we now know who’s really in charge of this campaign! Wonder if Toomey and Meehan still believe he “shares their Republican values”! What a crock this whole endorsement is!

  2. This ‘flyer’ should be redistributed to all Republican voters, That way they will learn more about him.

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