Paul Mullen Bullied For John Kane Says Woman

Paul Mullen Bullied For John Kane Says Woman
Is Paul Mullen (right) a big bully as one woman says? Here he is supporting Joe Sestak in 2010.

The guy the Delaware County Republicans picked in the 161st District  Pennsylvania House race was the hatchetman used against unruly union members supporting Republican Tom McGarrigle in last fall’s 26th District State Senate race, according to stories from September.

Andrea Devenney appeared in an advertisement praising McGarrigle for saving her husband’s refinery job. Soon after,  Mrs. Devenney’s husband,  Steve, a union electrician, was approached by Paul Mullen who allegedly told him something along the lines of get the little lady in line or your job is toast.

Mullen is the one the Republicans want in in the 161st Seat that is being vacated by Republican Joe Hackett.

Mullen admitted to making a call but said he was just offering Steve a job. Mullen is  Business Manager of IBEW Local 654 and president of the Delaware County AFL-CIO

Mrs. Devenney, however, says Mullen made the call on behalf of John Kane, the Democrat opposing McGarrigle as she quickly  texted the McGarrigle campaign in disgust saying ‘So John Kain(sp?) called paul mullin flipping out over the commercial. Steve is in serious trouble and his job may be on the line. I’m in a horrible spot….how long will that commercial run?’”

Mullen was (is?) a strong supporter of liberal Democrat Joe Sestak in 2010 against moderate Republican Pat Toomey. Has the county GOP asked him what he will do if the expected rematch happens in 2016? Suppose if Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is the presidential nominee. Can a guy who ran the county AFL-CIO support him? Of course not. There is no upside to Mullen as a Republican legislator.

Hackett is vacating the seat saying he wants to return to law enforcement. The special election is Aug. 4. The Democrats have not yet announced a candidate albeit there is no real reason why they should bother. A write-in campaign is being considered by Penn Delco School Board Director Lisa Esler.

The 161st District is the townships of Aston, Nether Providence, Ridley (PART, Wards 01 [PART, Division 03], 02 [PART, Divisions 01 and 03], 03, 05, 07 and 08) and Springfield (PART, Ward 03 [PART, Division 02 (HD161)]) and the boroughs of Brookhaven, Rose Valley, Rutledge and Swarthmore.  It was a population of 63,539.

Americans have to learn to stop making politics a contest between which side gets to milk the public cow for two or four years. We have to learn to look at issues.  In Pennsylvania, the biggest issue is the pension bomb caused by the malfeasance of men and women we elected to watch the public purse and our foolishness in trusting them. SB 1, a small but necessary step in alleviating future pain, is on the table. The unions are outspokenly against it. Where does Mullen stand? LOL.

In Springfield — this is for you people in Ward 3, Division 2 — a $130 million new high school is being sought. Repealing the state prevailing wage law would likely shave millions off the cost —  20 percent according to one respected source. Would Mullen support it? Again LOL.

If you, the retiree, the guy that’s out of work, the mom with three kids, the one who owns a pizza shop or works 9-5 to make ends meet want to see your standard of living stop shrinking, then don’t vote for guys like Mullen.

Paul Mullen Bullied For John Kane Says Woman

5 thoughts on “Paul Mullen Bullied For John Kane Says Woman”

  1. Great work Bill! There is no need to question what Paul Mullen will do in Harrisburg as it relates to Pension Reform or Liquor Privatization for that matter. There is only one constituent that Paul Mullen will fight for and that is the UNION! What were the Delco GOP committee members thinking when they endorsed him…a proven supporter of Democrat candidates and agendas!

    1. You are so right Marilyn. Paul Mullen will do every thing possible to make sure are treated as a criminal if you buy a bottle of wine in Delaware and bring it in to his 161st district.
      Use your pencil an d give Lisa Esler your write-in vote

      1. I’m with you, Charlie. The Delco GOP has gone too far with their endorsement of Paul Mullen, a known supporter and activist for Democrats like Sestak and John Kane.

        I hope every self-respecting Republican in the 161st fights back by casting a write-in vote for Lisa Esler .

  2. The Delco GOP has crossed a line from which they can’t return. It will serve them right if the Democrat beats Mullen. A write in candidate will ensure that he loses and I say good. He’s no different than a Democrat and unless a Republican write-in candidate wins. the people of the 161st will have Democratic representation whether it’s Mullen or his Democratic opponent. Whole thing is sickening and shows the true non citizen oriented stance of the Delco GOP.

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