Springfield Cyber School?

Springfield Cyber School? Springfield Town Hall 3-19-15
Some of those in attendance who exhorted the Springfield School District to keep their taxes low.

About 130 attended tonight’s (March 19)  final town hall concerning the fate of Springfield High School. The event was held in the high school auditorium.

Four proposals are on the table: maintain the existing school on Leamy Avenue for an estimated cost of $100.39 million; build a new one behind Saint Francis Church on Saxer Avenue for $131 million; renovate the existing school for $133.8 million; and build a school on Leamy Avenue alongside the existing one for $136.4 million.

The crowd seemed overwhelming in favor of the least expensive route. We counted 19 audience comments that either supported the “maintenance plan” or were an exhortation not to raise taxes — including one fellow who suggested a cyber school. Well, that would be less than $136.4 million.

Four persons spoke in favor of a new school  and five asked generally neutral questions.

The number and passion were on the side of the low taxes.

“If one person was forced out of home, how could you sleep at night,” one man told the school district’s representatives — school directors Chris DeSantis and Bruce Lord, and Donald Mooney, the district’s  Director of Operations.

Another said that 30 percent of Springfield is over the age of 60. Another expressed skepticism of the district’s figures claiming that recent renovations of Haverford and Marple Newtown high schools were less than two-thirds that of what is being estimated for maintenance of  SHS.

More than one person expressed fear of being forced from his or her home because of taxes.

Bruce Lord presented a timeline of what comes next to start the meeting. He said the board and facilities will meet; the committee will present the Town Hall findings to the board, and then the board will begin project implementation. which means the board begins discussions with the township, which must approve all construction, then get a building designed then submit bids for construction. He said the process will take years, not months.

Mooney squelched a few rumors flying around the community. He said the district is not going to acquire the Saint Francis property and that there will be no teacher layoffs to help fund the school.

Springfield Cyber School?


19 thoughts on “Springfield Cyber School?”

  1. “Springfield Cyber School?”

    It’s a school where children use computers and go to class at home.
    And they’d probably learn more than they are learning “from disatified teachers who want to “work to rule.”

    It’s affordable! No old timers will lose their homes.

    1. I have friends whose children homeschool, unschool and/or attend cyber charter schools. Not trying to debate any particular method right now, but want to ask you a question or at least point out an observation.

      These methods of schooling need a parent or guardian to be at home. Does this essentially mean married couples will need to choose who must give up their job to be at home?

      For single parents, how will they be present at home, unless they do not work at all and rely on “the system” to support them?

      If all the students in Springfield were home on their cyberschool computers, along with a parent, then how do you see that affecting the local economy?

  2. Cyber school is the way of the future. Expect the powers that be to fight it until the bitter end. They couldn’t care less if taxes cause flight from Springfield. Their only care is that THEIR way of life is left to prosper.

    1. I do not understand how it would work economically. Would it require a parent to stay at home?

    2. If “our way of life” is to educate our children in the best schools possible with quality teachers, I am guilty as charged. Yes, the middle-class way of life is for me.

  3. Most of the supporters of Saxer did not get up and speak because they were being courteous of the other audience members. Audience members who had not had the opportunity to speak before, who were new to the mic, were asked to come up by the committee. Many supporters have spoken sincerely and passionately about Saxer in the 5 previous meetings. Also your photo fails to depict the MANY signs shown in support of a new building.

  4. Can I ask a dumb question? Why on earth would ANYONE WITH A BRIAN think spending a million dollars to “maintain” the old building? The makes ZERO financial sense. Do these people not understand that even in the maintain plan we will see a Tax increase. Why on earth would we want to spend good money on a bad investment. Anyone that says a $30 per year tax increase will force them out of their home sounds like they are dangerously close to losing it already. God forbid they should need a repair…..

    1. The maintain plan is not an option. The board isn’t going to choose it.

      You are right. Taxes increase for any option (including the maintain plan.)

      At least with the 9-year phase in before the taxes level off for the loan term, there is adequate time to prepare future personal budgets if average of $33 per year additional increase is a grave concern.

      Those who are against it saying “the high school is fine” are uninformed, misinformed or very, very confused.

      I am relieved the school district is squelching the rumors to help our community become better informed.

        1. What does my stance on school choice and vouchers have to do with my question about cyber school?

  5. There has been a good deal of research showing that a quality school district adds way more value to a community than what the extra tax would take away. Your homes will appreciate way more in value than the average $400.00 per year in additional school taxes.

    1. $400 per year is no problem for them pulling in those megabucks on Social Security. That was sarcasm son.

      1. I’m LOST John. The ones who want old folks to spend their Social Security pittance are either greedy teachers or stupid parents who will be paying out-of-this world taxes long after their kids are out of school.

  6. Robert Lindsey- You should be ashamed of yourself. You have lowered yourself to name calling. You are suggesting that parents wanting to have quality schools for their children make them stupid? One of the foundational blocks of a democracy is education. It is the part of the fabric that holds communities together. Our public schools produce scientists and business leaders and engineers and educators. I’m proud that my children graduated from Springfield schools and my grandchildren have and will graduate from Springfield schools.

    1. Fred.
      No, I am not ashamed of myself. I’d be ashamed of myself if I conspired to give overpaid teachers more money and benefits than they already have. I’d be even more ashamed if felt even a little responsible for a person living on Social Security losing their home to pay high taxes.
      I don’t have a dog in this fight. Do you? Are you or any member of your family beholden to the teachers’ union?
      Thank you for your thoughtful response. I hope I didn’t offend you or hurt your feelings. Please have a good day.

      1. Do you think that average roughly $33 per year initial increase for the new building (and if renovated, a bit higher) will put someone out of their home?

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