Lindell Kimmel Appearance April 28

Lindell Kimmel Appearance April 28 — “All we need is to look at the machines. If there’s nothing to hide, why won’t they let the American people look at them.”

That is the takeaway from last night’s (April 28) interview of Mike Lindell by Jimmy Kimmel on ABC.

That, and that the election involved an attack by China.

Betcha it was Kimmel’s highest rated show in years. Did it beat the Oscars? Probably not. Most likely didn’t know Mike wouldn’t have been on, and most of those that did have lost the habit of late night talk.

Kimmel was dismissive, and even rather rude, but we give him kudos nonetheless. He had Mike on and Mike was able to get his important points across.

In fairness to Kimmel, he seems to sincerely trust the government and believes it was impossible for the election to have been stolen. Most probably fall into this category.

For those of you skeptics consider this: In the hotly contested Y2k election, a third-party consortium of major newspapers did their own audit of the Florida vote. There was no controversy. They weren’t prevented from doing so.

So why the fuss about investigating the Dominion — and other — machines?

Just a point to ponder. Here is Lindell’s appearance on Kimmel.

By the way, his pillows really are very good.

Lindell Kimmel Appearance April 28
Lindell Kimmel Appearance April 28

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