Lisa Esler WAEB Guest

Lisa Esler WAEB Guest
Stupidity Never Sleeps

Lisa Esler WAEB Guest — Penn Delco School Director Lisa Esler recently appeared on NewsRadio 790 WAEB to discuss extremely stupid legislation pending in Harrisburg that would open up women’s private places in Pennsylvania — whether it be school locker rooms or interstate rest stops — to basically all-comers and make it far more difficult for small business owners to manage employees.

The bills are SB 1306SB 1307, and SB 1316, and all should die quick and quiet deaths.

You can listen to what Lisa had to say below.

She has written a letter about it that has appeared in the Delaware County Daily Times and can be found here.

Lisa Esler WAEB Guest Concerning SB 1306, SB 1307 and SB 1316

3 thoughts on “Lisa Esler WAEB Guest”

  1. “… extremely stupid legislation pending in Harrisburg” How could that be? We need term limits– Good job Lisa. Keep up your good work.

    1. I like those guys. Cuddle up to them when you get to Harrisburg Lisa. but even so keep term limits in mind. I am assuming that Lisa is on a fast track to Harrisburg.

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