Mayor Adams Goes To El Paso

Mayor Adams Goes To El Paso

By Bob Small

Seeing a line on the scroll at the bottom on Fox 29 10 p.m. news we wondered whether we’ve seen it correctly. This was that Mayor Eric Adams (NYC) went to El Paso to meet with the mayor of El Paso to discuss  the immigrant crisis, keeping in mind that immigrants are persons who are in crisis due to lack of solutions due to various federal governments.

At first the search (using Duck Duck Go) of the meeting above only lead to four items of the first 10 on the first page, but by three days (Jan. 18) there were there were 20 articles using “Mayor Adams visits El Paso”.

In the Politico article, Adams called it a “fact finding mission”, and he was hosted by fellow Democrat Mayor Oscar Leseer of El Paso. He pledged to start a “coalition with mayors facing similar situations”. 

Next week at  the annual US Conference of Mayors. (Hear that Mayor Kenney?) where he will try to coordinate American mayors to say “How do we respond to this directly?”

Mayor Adams Goes To El Paso

He further stated “There should be one (FEMA) to coordinate everything that is happening dealing with migrants and asylum seekers in our country”. He went on to say that the city spent $366 million and received just a total of $10 million from a combination of FEMA and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Adams told Fox News that the refugee resettlement, “should be coordinated by our national government, not only done locally by these NGO’s, but it should be done by our national government. That is not happening.”

Others, however, are concerned that Adams is trying to foist his problems on all taxpayers.

Hopefully, we will have a bipartisan effort so that we can have a coherent federal plan to work with the migrants and the cities, rather than dumping “the migrant crisis” on the cities by federal inaction.

4 thoughts on “Mayor Adams Goes To El Paso”

  1. How about enforce existing immigration LAW already on the books and IMPEACH this administration from top to bottom for the High Crime of allowing the Republic to he INVADED. Period.

    Nothing but Political Theater.

  2. “…immigrants are persons who are in crisis due to lack of solutions due to various federal governments.”

    No, immigrants are people who come to our country legally and follow the process for becoming American citizens.

    These are illegal aliens.

    And what did he mean by “various federal governments”? Did he mean 1 federal government, ours?

    Is he referring to our federal agencies, which haven’t failed to come up with “solutions”, they refuse to enforce our existing immigration laws.

    Or does he mean the governments of the various countries these illegal aliens come from?

  3. I’ll just say that the Feds need to review this and have an overall plan. It should not be up to the cities or states to have this “unfunded mandate”. In the UK they were planning to send migrants to Uganda!? until the Houses of Commons and Lords complained. The EU lets Greece,
    Italy, etc. every country deal with this situation on their own. We should do better than that.
    Of course, if we had a real leader in DC etcetera etcetera

    1. Unfortunately, the Feds have an overall plan: to do nothing to enforce our border.
      That’s not to say that rank-and-file Border Patrol agents, or ICE agents, or federal law enforcement personnel, don’t personally want to enforce the laws and even try to do so. But the administration, which is the top level of the executive, doesn’t want to do it. That won’t change till we have a change in the White House, to a President willing to do it.

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