Meehan Voted To Impress Aide?? Don’t Think So

Meehan Voted To Impress Aide?? Don’t Think So — An allegation is being bandied that Congressman Pat Meehan (R-Pa7) cast his dissenting vote against Obamacare repeal on May 4 to impress his aide with whom he appears to have fallen in love.

The source is a tweet by New York Times reporter Kenneth P. Vogel saying:

. voted against the GOP bill to repeal Obamacare partly to try to please a female aide he saw as his soulmate, per sources. He wrote to her that, on the day of the vote, “I had to say ‘no’ to & to , I got to say ‘yes’ to you”*

Vogel, one of the reporters who broke the story, included a photocopy of Meehan’s letter to the aide which we are posting (click to enlarge).

Meehan Voted To Impress Aide

Meehan responded and Vogel quotes his response:

says that the letter actually referred to his blessing for the staffer’s relationship with a new boyfriend, & not the Obamacare vote: “‘Yes to you’ was ‘yes to this great relationship,’” he told me.

Reading the letter in context we think Meehan is telling the truth about it being a wish for a happy life with her new guy, and that he did not cast his vote out of puppy love.

Meehan’s handwriting is Catholic school neat but we will type  it out for you as a convenience so you can decide for yourself:

May 4, 2017


As you bask in this moment of extreme joy, I want to share with you my sentiment of how richly it is deserved. You are kind and sensitive and care and infectious with your laugh. You are and have been a complete partner to me and you have brought me much happiness. It is a very, very lucky man who might get to be your partner for more of your life. If this is indeed the “one”, I hope you will find great contentment. I pray that you might be blessed with children that you will raise so wonderfully in you image.

As I walked this evening and I glanced over a the White House I smiled at the irony that on a day that I had to say “no” to the President and the Speaker of the House, I got to say “yes” to you. I hope the former will be judged as a vote of conscience and the latter as an expression of care.

If he is saying farewell and hope you’re happy it is kind of doubtful that he’d cast a vote to get in her good graces, even if you should want to read it that way, which would not be the fairest way of reading it. And say what you want, it’s not harassment. If this woman took money for this stuff, she should hang her head in eternal shame.

Meehan Voted To Impress Aide?? Don’t Think So





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