4 thoughts on “Men Get Hiccups More Often William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 8-4-22”

  1. Tell that to Amanda Corby 46, of Hull England
    She hiccups every two seconds in episodes that can last up to ten minutes at a time.
    She has suffered from constant hiccups for more than a decade says she is in despair over her condition.
    Amanda has bouts of hiccups five times a day every day, leaving doctors baffled.

    1. I’m sure this will cure her. Tell her to breathe in as much as she can. Without letting any air out, swallow. If she can breathe in a bit more, do so. Keep swallowing and inhaling until you can’t swallow or inhale any longer.

      * When you absolutely can’t swallow anymore, exhale all the way in a controlled fashion. Your breath should be reset

      1. Try the open-mouthed swallowing method. Open your mouth and keep it open for a couple of minutes. If you feel the need to swallow, do so, but try to keep your lips apart when you do.

        * Tell her to keep gulping every few seconds, especially when she feels a hiccup might be coming. A couple of hiccups might escape, but with continuous gulping, hiccups should be gone within 3 minutes.
        * Make sure she is not wearing anything tight around your chest. If she is tell her to loosen it.

        1. Think of all the bald men you can. Think of all the bald women you can. Works every time.
          See that? Honey Badger ddoes care!

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