Michelle Malkin CPAC Speech

Michelle Malkin CPAC SpeechYesterday, we gave you Alex Jones. Today we return to sanity with Michelle Malkin’s wonderful and powerful speech made at CPAC 2019, yesterday (March 1).

It is being talked about.

CPAC stands for Conservative Political Action Conference.

Michelle Malkin CPAC Speech
Michelle Malkin CPAC Speech

One thought on “Michelle Malkin CPAC Speech”

  1. Michele addressed the most important issue of our time, border security. She called out Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell but these are only two among other republicans who take contributions from open border “conservatives” to allow this travesty at our border to continue. The Chamber of Commerce and the Koch Brothers are two big players who contribute to keep our borders open. When big money has companies and investments in other countries, they see their interests as globalism and not nationalism. The “conservative” Koch Brothers, who are for open borders, finance as their political advocacy group, Americans for Prosperity. Many who know the dangers which open borders pose to our sovereignty and our way of life support this group overlooking this most important issue. You will never see a representative of AFP supporting a border wall or closing and securing our borders.

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