Michelle Must Join President On Indonesian Trip

President Obama has reportedly delayed his trip to the western Pacific in a last-ditch attempt to socialize our generally very good health care system.

It was supposed to run from Thursday to March 21 and include the territory of Guam and the nations of Australia and Indonesia. Michelle and the kids were supposed to accompany him and now they are saying they are not.

Indonesia is an Islamic nation. There is a very widespread belief in this country that the President is a closet Muslim and that Michelle has not joined him on his visits to Islamic nations because it would violate the tenets of Islam.

It is true that Michelle has not joined the President on any trips to Islamic nations albeit she has not joined him on trips to several non-Islamic nations either.

For the sake of his leadership and for the need to show that while he may not be a uniter he doesn’t have to be a pointless divider, he must pack Michelle with him when he journeys to Jakarta.

7 thoughts on “Michelle Must Join President On Indonesian Trip”

  1. I’m a practicing Muslim and I have never heard of this supposed rule.

    Don’t blog about things you know nothing about.

  2. Dear Samir,

    Whether this is or is not a tenet of Islam, orthodox or otherwise, is not the issue.

    What is the issue is that millions of Americans happen to believe it to be.

    If President Obama should bring Michelle with him to Indonesia it would either convince those that hold a rather negative view towards Islam that he is not of that religion and end a rather silly point of contention; or, at the very least, convince those that hold such a view that Islam does not require the wives of leaders to stay at home and hence is not as backward and misogynistic as they had thought.

    Hopefully, you agree that Obama should bring Michelle with him.

  3. Samir, as a Muslim, do you believe Obama should bring Michelle with him to Indonesia? Yes or no.

  4. What would me being Muslim have anything to do with my opinion on your question?

    Again, you’re pretending to be authoritative on a subject you know nothing about. I would advise you to do some research before making false accusations about Muslim tradition.

  5. And what you are doing is not understanding what I’m writing.

    And you didn’t answer my question.

  6. I don’t have an answer to your question…I don’t really care or understand why it matters whether the First Lady accompanies the president on his international trips.

    And how it relates to Islam. Please enlighten me o wise white man.

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