Muslim Ban Includes Obama?

Muslim Ban Includes Obama? — It was widely reported that Manhattan globalist 1-percenters booed The Donald at the Al Smith Dinner, Oct. 20.

What hasn’t been reported much, however, is some of Hillary Clinton’s jokes such as: If Donald does win, it will be awkward at the annual presidents’ day photo when all the former presidents gather at the White House, and not just with Bill. How is Barack going to get past the Muslim ban?

Muslim Ban Includes Obama?
Muslim ban would include Obama says Hillary.

So, um, what’s up with that Mrs. Clinton.? Are you saying our President is a Muslim after all? Sure would explain a lot regarding what has happened in Iran, Iraq, Egypt and Libya under his watch. And isn’t making light of your husband’s impeachment, perjury, sexual harassment, indecent exposure and rape kind of bad taste anyway?

Mrs. Clinton also said continue her bizarre theme that Trump was somehow in the pockets of the Russians saying: You notice there is no teleprompters here tonight, which is probably smart, because it may be you saw Donald … dismantle his own. Maybe it is harder when you are translating from the original Russian.

And that gets us to how the Wikileaks revelation are confirming old news about the, literally treasonous, corruption of the Clintons. Mrs. Clinton approved the transfer of half of U.S. Uranium output to the Kremlin in 2010.

People connected to the sale made $145 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation, as reported by the New York Times.

Further, Ian Telfer, the head of the Russian government’s uranium company, made a secret $2.35 million foreign donation to the Clinton Foundation, as  the Times investigation confirmed.

Further, Bill Clinton  received a $500,000 speaking fee for a speech in Moscow paid for by a Russian government-connected bank.

Only two type of people are not voting Trump to keep the Clinton Crime Couple out of the White House: Really, really smart wolves and really, really stupid sheep.

Muslim Ban Includes Obama?

One thought on “Muslim Ban Includes Obama?”

  1. Did you see Donald Trump’s Gettysburg speech. He said:”ON TO-DO LIST
    1. Constitutional Amendment to impose term limits on members of Congress
    2. Hiring freeze on federal employees to reduce the workforce through attrition
    3. Requirement to eliminate two federal regulations for every new one
    4. Five-year-ban on White House and Congressional officials becoming lobbyists
    5. Lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying for foreign governments
    6. Complete ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for American elections ”

    .Love it!

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