Netflix Amazon Show Tips

Netflix Amazon Show Tips — Tired of politics?

Here  are 10 enjoyable TV shows from Netflix and Amazon Prime that most of us have likely not seen.

1. Detectorists (Netflix) — This is about a couple of guys who belong to a metal detector club in England. Laugh a minute? No. Thrill a minute? No. Intense? Um, definitely no. Trust us, though, it works. Episodes run a little over 20 minutes.

2. A Very Secret Service (Netflix) — This is in French with subtitles. It is a spoof of ’60s Cold War spy thrillers from the French point of view. It’s very well done, although not for everybody’s taste. Episodes also run a little over 20 minutes.

3. Terriers (Netlix) — This is about an alcoholic ex-cop and his ex-criminal friend who run a lawn care business in San Diego that segues into private investigation. It ran for 13 episodes on FX in the fall of 2010. It has since developed a bit of a cult following. It has a great theme song. Warning: It doesn’t hit its stride until about episode 4. Episodes run about 45 minutes.

4. The Finder (Netflix) — This is a spin-off of the hit Fox series Bones. It concerns a quirky Iraq War vet with the ability to make connections of seemingly random events as a result of a war injury. It ran for 13 episodes in the winter/spring fo 2012. Episodes run about 45 minutes.

5. Life (Netflix) — This went two seasons on NBC starting in 2007. It’s about a Los Angeles policeman exonerated after spending 12 years in prison for killing his wife. He gets a settlement allowing him to become a multi-millionaire and the Los Angeles Police Department is forced to take him back allowing him to pursue justice. The series ends with the completion of the story arc.

6. Last Kingdom (Netflix) — This British production is based on Bernard Cornwell’s historical novels series The Saxon Stories. It concerns the Viking invasion of England starting in 865 A.D. and how it conquered the entire country but for Alfred the Great’s Wessex. It’s not a bad introductory history. The eight episode series dragged a bit in the middle. We skipped the 7th installment and jumped straight to the end, which wrapped it up nicely. Episodes run about an hour.

Netflix Amazon Show Tips
7. Goliath (Amazon Prime) — This is a product of  Amazon Prime and was released Oct. 13. It stars Billy Bob Thornton as a once super lawyer who is now a drunk and has to take on the evil mega law firm he created and shady corporate interests. We binge-watched the first three episodes and found them great. They run 54 minutes.

8. The War (Amazon Prime) — This seven part Ken Burn history of World War II ran on PBS in 2007. It’s powerful history. The segments run about 2 hours.

9. Suits (Amazon Prime) — This legal drama remains in production and is not really obscure other than that it runs on USA. It started in 2011. It’s much better to watch without commercials. Episodes run 42 minutes.

10. John Adams (Amazon Prime) — This seven-episode biography about founding father and second president ran on HBO in 2008. Episodes are about an hour and a half. It is excellent history and watching it will make you willing to crawl over glass to vote against Hillary Clinton. Sorry about the politics.

Netflix Amazon Show Tips

Netflix Amazon Show Tips

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  1. Regarding the “John Adams” series, I also recommend reading David McCullough’s biography of Adams. If I am not mistaken, it was the primary source for the miniseries.

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