New Cases Google Search

New Cases Google Search — Do a Google search for any three-digit number followed by the words “new cases” without the quotes. Mind blown, angry or both?

Avoid Google. Use Paoli-based DuckDuckGo.

New Cases Google Search
223 New Cases with Google
New Cases Google Search
223 New Cases with Duck Duck Go
New Cases Google Search
308 New Cases with Google

New Cases Google Search
308 New Cases with Duck Duck Go

3 thoughts on “New Cases Google Search”

  1. This subject is so irritating! I know perfectly reasonably people, who are otherwise relatively without fear, who are terrified of “the spread of the Coronavirus”, and of the “spikes”. I ask them to define “spike”, but no one can. In no story that mentions a “spike” in cases since states relaxed their restrictions, do I find any info that provides a reference to explain what the “spike” is. How many cases were reported before the “spike”? How about a date range? No “journalist” includes this in any story, and no one in the audience asks the question. We really have seen the disappearance of critical thinking. Everything is emotion based on memes that pop up in a social media feed.

    “A republic, if you can keep it”.

    I don’t think we can, anymore. People, generally, are too childish.

  2. That is so strange. The first time I tried it on Google, I forgot the word “new” and searching for “223 cases” came back with rifle brass. Add “new” and a bunch of questionable coronavirus articles are returned.

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