Oil Man Secretary of State

Oil Man Secretary of State — Rex Tillerson, who is chairman and CED of ExxonMobil is Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of state.

Oil Man Secretary of State
Rex Tillerson gets that cheap energy is good.

ExxonMobil is the world’s largest energy company and has consistently ranked in the world’s top three of all businesses as per market capitalization.

Desperate critics are trying to paint Tillerson as being a pawn of Russia due to his company’s interest in that nation.

The twisted logic boggles the mind.

Russia’s economy is strongly tied to its oil and gas production. One of Trump’s many consistent and outspoken campaign promises has been American energy independence. This means development of domestic resources, which is something his opponent actually opposed.

Russia would obviously have wanted Hillary if petro-power was the motive. If stability, consistency and common sense in foreign dealings, maybe not, but with regard to revenue from energy President Hillary would have reaped Putin more rubles.

That Tillerson is going to be part of the cabinet is a good thing for America, not such a good thing for Russia, and a really, really bad thing for the Arabs.

Oil Man Secretary of State

2 thoughts on “Oil Man Secretary of State”

  1. A good point was made on Hugh Hewitt’s show this morning: Tillerson is likely to answer a call for help from an embassy or consulate, that as a CEO, he may feel more responsible for his employees, than a previous holder of that office did.

    And for those who worry about his qualifications, is he any *less* qualified than the current Secretary of State? I think not. “He has no experience of government”-he doesn’t need it. He has experience leading an organization. And corporations are very similar to governments, generally speaking.

    It’s another good choice.

    1. You are absolutely right Brad.
      Donald Trump’s selection of Rex Tillerson is a very good choice for Secretary of State.
      President-elect Trump is keeping his promise of “draining the swamp.”
      I really do believe he will make America great again.
      Let us not forget that Romney ,who was much talked about for filling the post, called Mr. Trump a “phony and a fraud.”
      I’m glad he is not on The Donald’s team.

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