Pa. Becomes Top Beggar Under Rendell

The dynamic leadership of Gov. Rendell has lead Pennsylania to a number one ranking in each year of his administration in the category of money spent on lobbying Washington. In other words, Pennsylvania had dedicated more state taxpayer money to attempting to leech off the federal taxpayer than any other state.

Pa. snatched the crown in 2003 walloping second-place New Jersey $890,000  to $400,000.

By 2009, the winning streak was John-Woodenesque with Pennsylvania outspending second-place Nevada more than 5 to 1 at $1.48 million to $280,000.

“We’ve done awesome in getting funds from Washington both under the BushAdministration and the Obama Administration,” said Rendell.

Hat tip to Pennsylvania Independent and GrassrootsPa.Com

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