PA Passes Major Tort Reform

By Bob Guzzardi

The Pennsylvania State Senate,10:24 a.m., today, June 21, passed the Fair Share Act with a 28-22 vote.

The act would end joint liability in civil cases for defendants found to be less than 60 percent liable and implements a system in which a defendant would only  pay his share of the damages.

Pennsylvania is one of just nine states that don’t do this.

The Act, or, HB 1,  was the first legislation introduced in the State House this session.  Its prime sponsor was State Rep. Curt Schroder (R-155).

It passed the House, 112-88 on April 11 with all Republicans voting for it except for Kate Harper of the 61st District, Tim Hennessey of the 26th District and Dennis O’Brien of the 169th District

All Senate Republicans voted for it except Jane Orie of the 40th District, Gene Yaw of the 23rd District and Stewart Greenleaf of the 12th District.

The bill now goes to Gov. Tom Corbett for his expected signature.

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