Pa. Pubs Fast Track Bill To Hike Car Insurance

Republican politicians throughout  the nation are puzzled and angry at the lack of love coming from their constituents. So they don’t have to use their not-so-hard earned money to buy a clue, here is a gift of one.

House Bill 2246 is winding its way through Harrisburg and the Republican-controlled Pennsylvania Senate appears to be putting it on a fast-track for passage.

What the bill does is to allow  trial lawyers to use non-verifiable evidence to seek pain and suffering damages for those injured in car accidents.

This is expected to increase the cost of automobile insurance premiums by 5 to 10 percent.

A hearing is scheduled for Sept. 21 with a vote by the full Senate expected shortly afterwards.

The bill were introduced at the request of the state’s trial bar association, which now calls itself the Pennsylvania Association for Justice.

The language to quantify pain and suffering awards was inserted into HB 2246, which was originally a bill dealing with  accident scene management and general vehicle matters.

3 thoughts on “Pa. Pubs Fast Track Bill To Hike Car Insurance”

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