Panepinto Pennsylvania Supreme Court 2015

Panepinto Pennsylvania Supreme Court 2015
Paul Panepinto

It’s easier to hit the party button than to research those on it. We are not judging party button pushers. It is wiser, after all, to vote for the group that might look after one’s interest when one knows the other side certainly won’t.

Still, it is best to do the research and vote the person.

Which gets us to Pennsylvania Supreme Court Race 2015.

There are seven people running: three on the Republican ballot, three on the Democrat ballot and one independent.

The Republican nominees are Judith Olson, Michael George and Anne Covey. The Democrats are David Wecht, Christine Donohue and Kevin Dougherty. The independent is Paul Panepinto.

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO has endorsed all three Democrats and in fact, Dougherty is the brother of infamous Philadelphia IBEW boss  John “Johnny Doc” Dougherty.

Unions are also giving money to Ms. Covey, a Commonwealth Court judge from Bucks County who spent years as a labor lawyer and served on the Labor Relations Board.

So that gives us a pretty clear indication that ticket splitting is the thing to do this Nov. 3. Those who care about keeping their homes will vote for endorsed Republicans George and Ms. Olson along with independent Panepinto.

We are not labor bashing here or defending greedy corporate types. Pennsylvania labor leaders, however, are not one whit interested in saving decent jobs for working people.  Their prime motives are saving their near-one-percenter lifestyles by keeping the legally mandated automatic dues deductions and the one-percenter pensions of state workers.

Regarding the backgrounds of the Supreme Court candidates, all are judges. As noted Ms. Covey sits on Commonwealth Court, the state intermediate appellate court regarding decisions by government regulatory agencies; Wecht, Ms. Donohue, and Ms. Olson are on Pennsylvania Superior Court, the intermediate appellate court for criminal and civil cases; George is an Adams County Common Pleas Court judge, and Panepinto is a Philadelphia Common Pleas Court judges.

Ms. Covey is the only candidate not recommended by the state Bar Association.

Ms. Olson and George have been endorsed by the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association.

Hat tip Donna Ellingsen.

Panepinto Pennsylvania Supreme Court 2015


2 thoughts on “Panepinto Pennsylvania Supreme Court 2015”

  1. Mike George gets my vote for the simple reason that he successfully battled his way through corrupt party endorsement shenanigans. The time I’ve had talking with Mike George was well spent. He’s a humble, regular person, not a party insider, and he’s a conservative. Panepinto gets my vote on principle, and Olson gets my vote by default.

    1. Well said!!! I like those choices and u make sense. Judge Panepinto is definitely getting a vote from me- and I agree about Olsen and George as well.

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