Pat Meehan Tells Side, Does Hallmark Movie Loom?

Pat Meehan Tells Side, Does Hallmark Movie Loom?
Hallmark movie looming?

Pat Meehan Tells Side, Does Hallmark Movie Loom? — Congressman Pat Meehan (R-Pa7) has told his side of the story to the Delaware County Daily Times, which was published Jan. 23 and is now accessible on the web.

Meehan was accused of sexually harassing an aide in a story reported by The New York Times, Jan. 20, and that he used tax money to make her go away.

Meehan, according to the Delco Times, said that  that he had worked with the aide for years and that she had become his gatekeeper in Washington. When she failed to come to a 2016 Christmas party at his home,  he was disappointed, then asked himself why he was disappointed and discovered that he had developed feelings for the aide.

Meehan said he took her out for some ice cream on April 28 and told her that he developed “affection” for her that he was struggling with.

“This was a significant thing to me, that she would be leaving, and also that I was also struggling with the fact that during our close personal relationship, I had grown admittedly some affection and that affection was something that I was struggling with, so that I would not allow it to get into the middle of our working relationship,” Meehan told the Times. “I go to Mass first thing in the morning and I kind of laughed and said, ‘A lot of times I’m praying to make sense of what’s going on down here in Washington, D.C., but from time to time making sure I am able to keep myself straight and focused on what I am doing.’ But I also wanted to communicate that that struggle was going on and it was sort of impacting some of the regular activity that we had before, that I had stepped back a little bit, because I thought that was important for me to not allow this emotion to get into our normal working relationship.”

Meehan said that a few days later the aide asked for a lot of money, then invoked the  Congressional Accountability Act, then left getting the money.

Ice cream, Mass, confessing feelings, maybe Pat will get away with this.

We had to reach for our hanky.

Actually, we threw up a little in our mouths.

Hey Pat, has the Hallmark Channel called yet? Make sure you get a nice cut for the rights to the story.  You certainly don’t want to have to move back to Drexel Hill.

On a serious note, adults should be able to handle this sort of thing without major media or outside advocates getting involved and money exchanging hands. Meehan did not — according to any report –touch her, nor expose himself, nor verbally abuse her nor do  any of the twisted things that now appears SOP by our political/journalistic/academic/entertainment leaders.

Pat actually should get away with this.

Meehan says he is not resigning and is planning on seeking re-election.

Pat Meehan Tells Side, Does Hallmark Movie Loom?




18 thoughts on “Pat Meehan Tells Side, Does Hallmark Movie Loom?”

    1. Oh, and, starring Meredith Baxter Birney.

      “Lifetime-Keeping Meredith Baxter Birney employed for over 25 years.”

  1. I wonder if Rep. Meehan’s wife knew that he had a “soulmate” in her twenties who goes out for ice cream with him and he gets jealous when he finds out she has a boyfriend. I can tell you this, I don’t know of many women who would be okay with that.

    Gosh, amazing that Meehan thought his interview was a good idea. Makes you wonder about his judgment, if not sanity. Another wonderful Republican office holder brought to us by the SEPA “bosses.”

    By the way, this is so weird that I vote for the TV movie not to be Lifetime or Hallmark (though they would probably covet this tale) but the SciFy channel.

      1. He doesn’t give me confidence to bag up my groceries. What a waste he is but what can you expect from a guy who was a long-time Arlen Specter toady.

  2. Meehan sounds like a decent guy. Can’t compare him to Al Franken, the Clintons, Anthony Weiner, or Ted Kennedy. I’d probably vote for Meehan. but I’d rather see term limits.

    1. Decent guy? Sounds like a creep, and like someone who is full of himself and the influence his position brings him, who then uses that influence to take advantage of others, because he can.

      That is exactly what Bill Clinton is.

  3. Meehan is acting like a teenage love sick puppy and shot himself in the foot in the process. What a jackass!

    1. Unfortunately, he does not have a monopoly on “regrettable decisions” nor is he the only victim of manipulation and conditioning. We are all well conditioned sheeple by those on the dark side. Again…due diligence is essential.

  4. Due diligence is in order and please, don’t waste too much time on Pat for his issue is a distraction and mere drop in the bucket. There’s another agenda at work here. Dig and find it for survival. The DC cesspool he stepped into is much darker than you can even imagine. He has served his constituents honorably, but with challenges. Yes, I know the man up close and personal (no relation). You will learn the many, many deceptions of those from various avenues exposing Pat’s lapse in good judgement and epressing human emotion will pale in comparison to what really been going on in a parallel world from which we’ve been excluded. So, how do you feel about Pedophilia, Satanism, kidnapping, trafficking; people, guns and drugs by those you thought were honorable and lets not forget the genocide of humanity (90% as written on the “Guidestones”), over 100 years of raping, pillaging and robbing us into poverty and the corruption goes on. Please, don’t believe me but do your own due diligence. It’s all out there with validating evidence. Scratching the surface is your wake up call. Then, you need to get active to help try to save our God-given country that is in survival mode instead of thriving.

    1. Meehan might be a nice guy but voting on something just to impress a girl is pretty hard to forgive.

      Also, I would have more sympathy for him if he didn’t try to throw Trump under the bus when an old tape was released as part of a political hit job much less defend Roy Moore when unprovable — actually objectively false — allegations were made against him a few weeks before an election.

      Hang together or hang separately is a tenet that Meehan seemed to have forgotten.

      1. If you know and understand what is really going on in DC, then you know that many bills are voted on and passed without even reading and knowing what’s in them, i.e. “Obamacare”. Lots of wheelin’ and dealin’ with payoffs by BIG money controlling. You’ve heard of pay-to-play? Well just another revenue stream. Trust God and yourself and do some due diligence.

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