Paul Mullen Sestak Supporter

Paul Mullen Sestak Supporter
This photo of Paul Mullen and Joe Sestak appeared in an article in an IBEW newsletter which featured a strong endorsement of liberal Democrat Sestak by Mullen in the 2010 U.S. Senate race. Mullen wants to be the Republican candidate to replace State Rep. Joe Hackett in the 161st District special election for the State House.

Paul Mullen, who is among those seeking the Republican nomination to replace Republican Joe Hackett as the 161st District’s representative in the Pennsylvania State House, is an outspoken supporter of former 7th District Congressman Joe Sestak.

Sestak is a Democrat who leans strong to the left and sought the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Pat Toomey. He is seeking the Democratic nomination for a rematch in 2016.

“With Joe, the communications lines are wide open,” Mullen said in a union newsletter. “. . . He sands tall with the IBEW.”

Mullen is president of the Delaware County AFL-CIO and business manager for International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 654. Last fall, he supported Democrat John Kane in his bid for the 26th District State Senate seat against  Republican Tom McGarrigle.

Hackett resigned saying he wants to return to law enforcement.

A special election to replace him has been scheduled for Aug. 4.

Paul Mullen Sestak Supporter

7 thoughts on “Paul Mullen Sestak Supporter”

  1. It’ll be very interesting to see if he gets the endorsement of the Republican party. If he does, it leaves no question about the allegiance of the Party to the constituents in Delco.

  2. His support of liberal Sestak of The Big Lie(“ObamaCare will not cost the senior taxpayers of PA anythng…”) automatically disqualifies him from running as a Republican IMO.If he does get the endorsement of the Republican Party,then I’m through voting Republican except Tea Party Republicans.

  3. Paul Mullen? Seriously?
    Gov. Wolf must be rubbing his hands with glee.
    The Delaware County GOP leaders had better be prepared for a huge voter backlash if they try to present this liberal Democrat as a viable Republican candidate. Why are they willing to sell us out?
    They should endorse candidate Lisa Elser – a strong fiscal conservative who will work hard for the best interests for the taxpayers in the 161st – not special (union) interests.

  4. A vigorous thumbs down on Paul Mullen. He should run as a union Democrat.
    Lisa Eisler will get my vote. I agree with Tom Coliginiaro
    , I’m going to vote for a tea party conservative.

  5. Tom Conigliaro beat me to the comment: Supporting Sestak disqualifies anyone from a Republican nomination at any level.

    But it’s a sign of how much the Statist worldview has penetrated our culture.

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