Pennsylvania Energy Keeps America From Dependency

Pennsylvania Energy Keeps America From Dependency

By Don Schreiber

Our Commonwealth produces our own energy, helping to free the United States from the bonds of overseas oil.

We are producing more natural gas then we ever had before and that is great news for Pennsylvania and its residents.  Jobs are being created, industries are growing and revenue is increasing because of the natural gas industry.  Even all our counties receive money directly from an industry severance tax for environmental use to create park space and other quality of life activities that makes us proud to live in our communities.

And, natural gas even helps reduce pollution. Former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said, “Natural gas has been a game-changer with our ability to really move forward with pollution reductions that have been very hard to get our arms around for decades.”
So, let us let this industry grow and continue to lower energy consumers costs and not be used as a PA budget solution – something our current Governor is attempting – creating a new energy tax, on top of an already existing severance tax. While this tax will be paid for by the producers of natural gas, the Commonwealth’s Independent Fiscal Office found that a severance tax will ultimately be paid by royalty owners and consumers of natural gas.
For the sake of Pennsylvania’s ratepayers and taxpayers, encourage your State legislators to refuse Governor Wolf’s calls for new energy taxes.
Mr. Schreiber is a resident of Coatesville.
Pennsylvania Energy Keeps America From Dependency


Pennsylvania Energy Keeps America From Dependency

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