Pennsylvania Online Voting Registration

Pennsylvania Online Voting Registration Pennsylvania becomes the 23rd state to allow online voting.
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Gov. Tom Wolf and Secretary of State Pedro Cortes unveiled Pennsylvania’s online voting registration system, yesterday, Aug. 28.

Pennsylvania becomes the 23rd state to allow online voting.

The new policy is an administrative act by Wolf as online voting failed to pass the state legislature in 2013.

Oct. 5 is the last day to register before the Nov. 3 election.

The registration site is

If you use it, make sure you click the little box at the bottom that says “

Pennsylvania Online Voting Registration

4 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Online Voting Registration”

  1. I can see advantages and disadvantages. It’s certainly convenient, compared to using snail mail and paper forms. But it’s easy to defraud, and the system is probably going to be easy enough for determined hackers to hack.

  2. And of course, I disagree with Keystone Obama in his method, that he just implements it by fiat, because it couldn’t get passed by the legislature. But we are in post-Constitutional times, so I’m not surprised.

  3. Vote fraud should be considered a serious crime. The penalty should be as stiff as burglary and those who commit such a crime should do hard time in jail.

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