Petition Seeks To Save Penn Delco

Petition Seeks To Save Penn Delco — Please consider signing the petition for Penn Delco and share. The vote will be Wednesday, Feb. 24. It will be a zoom meeting 

The petition can be found at

As a school board director I feel a responsibility to make stakeholders aware of a resolution the board plans to vote on Wednesday.

The vote is on a Resolution that supports a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Steering Committee.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are a political narrative we have heard for the last eight months across our nation. Students should not be used as a political pawns in the narrative and pandering to a political agenda.

The goals of political activist/organizations pushing this agenda is to incorporate this into our policies, curriculum and in the hiring of staff. This is a slippery slope to introduce the agenda. This will include, beyond what is already being inappropriately identified and discussed in the classroom, Cultural Proficiency, Critical Race Theory, Social Justice, White Privilege, Systematic Racism among much more which does not belong in our schools. 

Don’t be fooled if anyone says “This is just a committee”. No matter how you spin it this is a slippery slope to introduce the agenda. We have policies and procedures and in place that well define our mission.
Activist pushing this agenda have a petition that they are circulating to get this resolution passed. 

These are your children and your tax dollars and the board needs to here from you if you share my concerns. 

Your feedback is important. I am asking you to please comment below and let us know you are a Penn Delco resident.

Please SHARE this petition as the board will be voting on the resolution this  Wednesday, Feb. 24.

Time is of the essence.

Your email to the board would also be helpful. 

Doing what is right is more important than what is politically expedient

Thank you in advance,
Lisa Esler

Petition Seeks To Save Penn Delco
Petition Seeks To Save Penn Delco

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