Penn Delco Lacks Evidence On Need For Committee

Penn Delco Lacks Evidence On Need For Committee

An open letter to Penn Delco School Board

Board members, parents & students, teachers & administrators,
residents & taxpayers:

I’m writing to express concern for a proposal to create a steering
committee for diversity, equity and inclusion.

The board states they recognize several points while providing no
supporting evidence to show how the current academic environment has
not lived up to the standards of PDSD, “To enable all students to
achieve, succeed and excel.” This appears to be an exercise in
implementing a solution before addressing issues with existing policy.
What is the “clear priority” and what are the “compelling principals?”

My concern extends to incidents currently taking place. An example is
a poster in an elementary classroom in the district, “what is said
here (classroom), stays in here.” While that may be a fitting slogan
for a travel ad to Las Vegas this is completely unacceptable for a
public institution charged with educating young minds.

In addition there is evidence of at least one district employee during
working hours soliciting on social media, attempting to collect
“evidence” in the forms of “anecdotes shared with anonymity.” In
America we have the right to face our accuser. Using taxpayer funded
time to further a cause, political or otherwise, with the intention of
changing district policy using “anonymous evidence” is a violation of
and disregard for the Bill of Rights.

President Eisenhower helped integrate schools so our Nation could live
up to our founding values. It’s time to stop pointing out the myriad
differences that make us unique and promote the two things we all have
in common: We are all human beings and Americans. Do we heed the words
of Martin Luther King jr who had a shared dream that our nation’s
children would not be evaluated according to their color or creed but
simply on the content of their character. Perhaps what we need is a
steering committee on American History and Civics.

Proponents of this change make false claims of “systemic” failure to
justify upending existing policy. As a lifelong resident of Delaware
County, a graduate of Sun Valley High School and a resident of the
district for nearly four decades I do not see the need for such
drastic changes. This would only create another level of bureaucracy
between our students and the teachers and administrators who are
tasked with educating our children.

I reject the notion the voters didn’t elect the most qualified
candidates to the school board; that teachers and administrators are
not currently equipped to solve problems for students on a case by
case basis; that the school board is incapable or unwilling of
addressing issues that have been escalated to them. I most certainly
reject the vocal minority that attempts to say Penn Delco is not
living up to their own mission statement and policies to the students.

I ask this resolution be unanimously voted down. The school’s function
in a civil society is not to tell the students what to think but to
prepare them to be critical thinkers. Thank you for taking the time to
read this email.

Joseph B Dychala

Penn Delco Lacks Evidence On Need For Committee
Penn Delco Lacks Evidence On Need For Committee

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