Pileggi vs Corman – Tale Of The Tape

Dominic Pileggi of the 9th District  is facing a challenge from Jake Corman of the 34th District to be Majority Leader of the Republican-controlled Pennsylvania State Senate, a spot Pileggi now holds.

Pileggi has been under fire from conservative groups and has come under fire from newcomer Sen. Scott Wagner of the 28th District for the inability to get commonsense consumer and taxpayer oriented reforms in the state that would gore the oxen of the state’s powerful and wealthy unions but would make life a lot easier for everybody else.

We have been asked to compile a list of Pileggi’s major contributors.

After going through Pileggi’s 34 pages of contributions for 2014 on the state’s campaign finance website, we have found these groups that have donated at least five figures to Friends of Dominic Pileggi. (Regarding Steam Fitters Local 449, we figure a steamfitter is a steamfitter.)

University City Housing Company
10/08/2014     $25,000

Vahan H. Gureghian
05/15/2014     $25,000

04/07/2014     $25,000

04/07/2014     $25,000

04/07/2014     $25,000

Local Union #98 I.B.E.W, Committee on Political Education
05/15/2014     $25,000

PA FUTURE FUND (business)
03/10/2014     $20,000

04/07/2014     $20,000

Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP
05/14/2014     $15,000
06/24/2014     $1,000
09/08/2014     $1,000
10/01/2014     $1,000

Robert C Robb, Jr.
05/15/2014     $15,000

Comcast Corp & NBCUniversal PAC
06/24/2014     $15,000

03/10/2014     $1,000
08/20/2014     $10,000
03/10/2014     $1,000

Responsible Citizens
05/08/2014     $10,000

Pennsylvania Healthcare Assoc. PAC
10/02/2014     $10,000

10/02/2014     $10,000

McNees PAC
06/28/2014     $10,000

Steamfitters’ Local Union 420 Committee on Political Education Fund
05/14/2014     $10,000

Steam Fitters Local 449 PAC Fund
05/14/2014     $3,000

However, a supporter of Pileggi sent us the following list of contributors to  Corman for 2014 and noted that Corman was a yes vote on the pay raise and pension hike.

10 20 2014
3 24 2014

For the People
3 24 2014
(PAC formed by former Democratic State Rep. Jennifer Mann with leftover campaign money.  Mann now Chairs the PAC)

Committee for a Better Tomorrow (Philly Trial Lawyers)
3 28 2014

AFSCME Council 13 PAC
2 26 2014

Sheet Metal Workers Union Local 19
3 28 2014

LAWPAC (Statewide Trial Lawyers)
800 North Third Street 2nd Floor
PA 17102
10 9 2014

APSCUF/CAP-PA (State University Faculty)
3 24 2014

Steamfitters Local 449 PAC
1 6 2014

Can we wish a pox on both houses?

Truthfully, we suspect that both men are smart enough to read the very large writing put on the wall by the voters in the once union-dominated  states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio and remember the fate of soon-to-be former Gov. Tom Corbett. They are also smart enough to know they are being watched and being held accountable.

To our Tea Party friends who see bright red whenever they look at Pileggi’s name, stop making it personal. If Pileggi should win, focus on issues. To use a local example, a new $150 million high school is being proposed for Springfield. Repealing the prevailing wage law will cut the cost greatly with some estimating it could be by as much as $30 million. The unions that contribute to both men but especially Pileggi don’t want the law to change.  We suspect it would be far more effective to focus on the issue of  saving elderly and unemployed people a lot of money while getting a school built rather than about how  Pileggi is a bad, bad, bad person.

And that is the Pileggi vs Corman – Tale Of The Tape.

Pileggi vs Corman - Tale Of The Tape

Pileggi vs Corman – Tale Of The Tape.


3 thoughts on “Pileggi vs Corman – Tale Of The Tape”

  1. What an awful choice. Disgraceful really. I think I’ll just go cry myself to sleep after praying for term limits.
    But let’s get rid of Dominic Pileggi at least and hope that Lisa Eisler runs against him in the primary.

  2. over 30 years property owners in PA. have been waiting for school property tax elimination. The first time in history 80 taxpayers groups went to Harrisburg with a bill, House/Senate Bill 76, asking FOR an increase in sales and personal income tax. School property tax is devastating this state on every level. This bill for the first time passed the senate finance committee, and stalled. The PSEA (education union) does not support this bill, why, because they benefit from the system in place now. Where money goes from your pocket to theirs. Knowing you will pay to keep your property! Leadership in both House and Senate are not serving the people so who are they serving? Reread the list! Call and demand the ousting of both leaders. Senator Wagner has it correct, pray he becomes our next governor!

    1. I’ll join you in your prayers Sharon and will help you in your endeavors to make Senator Wagner our next governor.
      Meanwhile let’s keep Dominic Pileggi’s feet to the fire. Let’s make school choice and school vouchers a reality.

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