PLCB Advertising Fix Sought

PLCB Advertising Fix SoughtState Rep. Stephen Bloom (R-199) circulated a petition on Dec. 2 seeking co-sponsors for a bill requiring all advertising by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to prominently state “This Ad Paid For By You, The Taxpayers of PA”.

The PLCB spent $5.8 million last year to encourage shopping at the state-owned liquor stores which has a practical monopoly on the sale of bottles of liquor and wine in the Keystone State.

Bloom also notes that the PLCB also awards grants aimed to reduce drinking.

“You’re literally seeing taxpayer dollars being used to buy billboards and TV commercials promoting drinking liquor while at the same time, the same state agency is advertising to discourage people from consuming liquor,” Bloom said.

PLCB Advertising Fix Sought

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