Pope Francis Inspires John Kane Rebuke

Pope Francis, Oct. 23, declared corruption to be a greater evil than sin.

Remorse is possible only when one is aware of evil, which is not the case with a corrupt person said the Pope in an address to the International Association of Penal Law.

“It is hard for the one who has it to realize it; others realize it and have to tell him,” the Pope said.

Well, if  the Pope wants it, here it goes:

John Kane, you are corrupt.

You  use the automatically,  mostly involuntarily, deducted money from the paychecks of the members of Plumber’s Local 690 of Philadelphia and Vicinity for a $119,213 salary to co-chair the union’s vacation fund, a job  that you have confessed to the IRS takes but one hour per week.

That is corruption.

And that’s on top of the $156,537 you get as the union’s business manager for which you claim to work 39 hours per week.

That is corruption

And you fathered a child out of wedlock and neglected to support her.

That is corruption.

And you tried to talk her mother into aborting her.

That is corruption.

So Mr. Kane, in the name of Pope Francis, quit your campaign for Pennsylvania state senator in the 26th District as you are obviously not fit to hold office.

And give up your union salary as it is no different than theft.

Raise your family on the $40 per hour you would expect to earn in your trade.

And try to pay back the mother you abandoned  some of the $245,000 it cost her and her family to raise your daughter.

Hey, somebody had to say it.

In  related matter, Francis said “The scandalous concentration of global wealth is possible through the connivance of political authorities.”

Welcome to the Tea Party, Your Holiness.

Pope Francis Inspires John Kane Rebuke

Pope Francis Inspires John Kane Rebuke

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