Primary Election Results 2015

Republicans Judith Olson, Michael George and Anne Covey will face Democrats David Wecht, Christine Donohue and Kevin Dougherty for three seats on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Nov. 3. Primary Election Results 2015

With 95 percent of the precincts reporting Ms. Olson, George and Ms. Covey have 284,242, 282,824 and 265,024 votes respectively far higher than fourth place Cheryl Allen who has 171,569 votes. Rebecca Lee Warren and Correale Stevens have 146,974 and 136,288 votes.

On the Democrat side Wecht has 359,838 votes; Ms. Donohue, 350,573 votes and Dougherty, 349,994 votes. Following them are Anne E. Lazarus with 271,447 votes, Dwayne D. Woodruff, 190,708 votes and John Henry Foradora with 112,096 votes.

Democrat Alice B. Dubow will face Republican Emil Giordano for the lone Superior Court seat while Democrat Michael H. Wojcik will face Paul Lalley for the lone Commonwealth Court seat.

The 15-member Superior Court is the intermediate appellate court for civil and criminal cases from county Common Pleas Courts. Commonwealth Court is a nine-member body that is the intermediate appellate court for issues involving taxation, banking, insurance, utility regulation, eminent domain, election, labor practices, elections, Department of Transportation matters, and liquor licenses

In the Penn Delco School Board race, anti-corruption activist Lisa Esler is leading on both ballots with 100 percent of machines reporting according to the Delaware County website. She has 425 votes on the Democrat ticket and 1,273 votes on the Republican ticket. Six people are contesting five seats and school directors are allowed to cross file. Lewis Boughner has been eliminated from the Republican ticket but remains on the Democrat one. Leon Armour remains on the Republican one but is off the Democrat ballot. The votes from both party ballots will be tallied together for the candidates. It is possible for a candidate whose name appears on both ballots to lose, it should be noted.

In another race of interest,  Joe Gale has won the second spot on the Republican ticket for the Montgomery County Commissioner race according to the unofficial figures on the county website. With one precinct left to report he leads party-endorsed Scott Zelov 16,071 to 15,071. The top Republican vote-getter is Steve Tolbert Jr. at 19,099. They will face Democrats Jose Shapiro and Val Arkoosh who received 30,507 and 25,728 votes respectively.

While State Sen. Dominic Pileggi and Margaret Amoroso appear to have failed to win on the Democrat ballot in their bids to become  Common Pleas Court judges, Anthony Scanlon, who was recently appointed to the bench, appears to have not according to the most recent figures from the Delaware County website.

Larry Abel of Haverford Township was the top vote-getter among Democrats getting 10,021 votes. He was followed by Scanlon with 8,759 votes  and G. Lawrence DeMarco of Nether Providence at 8,114. Pileggi was fourth wtih 7,624 votes and Ms. Amoroso of Middletown was fifth with 6,711 votes.

Three seats on the bench are up for election.

Pileggi, Scanlon and Ms. Amoroso were the only candidates on the Republican ballot with Pileggi at 22,868 votes; Scanlon, 21,647; and Ms. Amoroso, 20,520.

Filing errors kept the names of Democrats seeking County Council seats off their primary ballot. However, as only 250 write-in votes were needed for a candidate to be placed on November’s ballot and 8,722 write in votes have been filed, it seems there will be a race.

Primary Election Results 2015

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  1. Congratulations Lisa Esler. Boo to the Republican Party Leadership for withholding their endorsement. In not backing such a tireless fighter on behalf of the students and taxpayers in the Penn Delco District, the Republican Party leadership deserves a big dish of humble pie and crow! Congratulations to Lisa and all the voters of the Penn Delco District!

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